747842 - Make up set Skeleton VPE 5

Color Size GTIN
original STD 4002299478429

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742600 Halloween Counter Display big
742650 Halloween Counter Display mini
742700 Halloween Floor Display small
747800 Halloween Make up sets, 10 pcs., Display

A rattling skeleton! The make-up set contains 4 make-up pencils in the colours black, white , silver and green, one type of white stage make-up, make-up remover and an applicator. The enclosed applicator is used to put on the make-up; it can be removed easily using soapy water or a skin-friendly make-up remover.

applikator, make-up and make-up pencils (22g) and make-up remover

Weight (net)
0.022 kg

Make up set Vampire
Halloween Super sticks