Stocktaking: June 18th until June 28th 2018
Dear customers,

we will start today our annual stocktaking. Therefore during the period from June 18th until presumably June 28th 2018 we won't ship any goods. You can certainly still place orders during that space of time.
The last deliveries before the inventory takes place until June 15th 2018. While planning your orders, please keep in mind that we plan to resume deliveries on July 2nd 2018.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and your support.
Your Jofrika Team!

Princesses and knights


Here at Mottoland wishes do come true ... discover a great selection of enchanting princess dresses and costumes for heroic knights and chevaliers.

To top it all you can add the matching accessories and the high-quality make-up by Jofrika.


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Crystal Tears
Make up Remover, 20 pcs., Display
Glitter Line hair gel multi color
Aqua Kids make up set Clown